Our Commitment To Sustainability

With more than 8,900 hotels around the world, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is committed to helping protect the environment and leading the way in sustainable programs on a global scale. The Wyndham Green Program is designed to help our hotels reduce their environmental footprints and operate more efficiently through eco-friendly initiatives. This commitment to sustainable practices is one of the many ways we’re ensuring our core values align with those of our guests.

Wyndham Green Certification

Our certification program is comprised of five progressive levels, which address sustainability elements including energy and water conservation, waste diversion, and operational efficiency, as well as guest and employee education and engagement. As you’re searching for sustainable hotel options, look for the Wyndham Green badge on our hotels’ website pages.

Level 1: Core

Towel and linen reuse
Interior energy-efficient lighting
Recycling program
Guest communication
Property education
Utility tracking

Level 2: Essential

Dedicated “Green Team” focused on sustainability
Water-efficient sink fixtures
Water-efficient showerheads
Heating and cooling set points or occupancy controls
Preventive maintenance of energy-consuming systems
Additional recycling for electronics, lightbulbs, etc.

Level 3: Proficient

Water-efficient flush fixtures in common areas
Air sealing
Lighting occupancy controls in low traffic areas
Eco-friendly cleaning products
Exterior energy-efficient lighting
Water bottle refill station

Level 4: Advanced

Advanced recycling program
Energy-efficient laundry equipment
Green housekeeping program
Donation program for amenities and food to reduce waste
Paperless checkout
Energy-efficient appliances and equipment
Eco-friendly product purchasing*

Level 5: Expert

Water-efficient flush fixtures in guest rooms
Water-efficient irrigation controls
Advanced preventive maintenance program
Food waste composting
Single-use plastic minimization program


Viva has been a pioneer in the hospitality sector of the Dominican Republic, by installing photovoltaic plants at Viva V Samaná by Wyndham, generating over 68% of its energy, reaching record production of clean energy and notably reducing the emission of C02 gases that contribute to global warming.
This stepping-stone has been extended to other resorts within the company’s portfolio in the DR, surpassing the 2MM kilowatts mark of solar energy.

Environmental Focus Areas

Climate Change

We’re committed to minimizing our impact on climate change by reducing our emissions.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

To help reduce our carbon footprint, we want to increase the implementation of energy efficiency projects and the usage of renewable energy where feasible.

Waste Diversion

We support initiatives to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills—from mandatory recycling requirements to single-use plastic minimization.

Water Conservation

We’re committed to identifying risks and opportunities and recommend our hotels install low-flow fixtures and implement other water-conserving programs.


As we expand our portfolio of hotels, we’ll continue to evaluate biodiversity-related risks, while implementing practices and programs to help protect natural habitats.

Other efforts:

  • Installation and maintenance of coral reef nurseries in Bayahibe, La Romana, which serve as a vital component towards marine conservation.
  • Viva Dominicus Beach & Palace by Wyndham are the first properties in the country to utilize natural gas for its kitchens, boilers and laundry dryers, as a way to reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.
  • Partners with the University of Indiana to support environmental and oceanic investigations in Bayahibe, La Romana.
  • Solar panels for water heating at the Dominican Republic and Bahamas resorts.
  • Installation and maintenance of coral reef nurseries in Bayahibe, La Romana, which serve as a vital component towards marine conservation.
  • Elimination of plastic straws thru all properties.
  • Beach cleaning and reforestation activities in all destinations.
  • Installation of wastewater treatment plants.
  • Reduction of single use plastic at all 8 resorts.
  • Waste classification and recycling.

Viva Resorts by Wyndham is an active participant in the Hotel Association of La Romana Bayahibe.  Important achievements include to be recipients of the Blue Flag certification for Viva Dominicus Beach by Wyndham, the first beach in the Caribbean to receive this award; the construction of the town of Padre Nuestro, infrastructures and community center, the relocation and housing of 265 families that had settled in the area and where contaminating the aquifers that supply water to the town of Bayahibe and the hotel zone; obtaining a declaration of Protected Area under the care of the Association; the construction and sponsorship of the Bayahibe Public School.

Education & Health

Viva Resorts by Wyndham seeks to contribute in the solution of Education & Health issues, developing future professionals in nearby communities where a helping hand is necessary to consolidate progress on the long run.

Main engagements:

  • Sponsoring the Viva de Colores Foundation, located in the municipality of Villa Hermosa, in La Romana- Dominican Republic, initiated in 2014 as an elementary school for children between the ages of 4-10 years old. To date, over 400 students have assisted.
  • Partnership with the UNICEF Protection program, working to promote the prevention and prosecution of violence and all types of exploitation and supports adolescent victims of these crimes. Viva Resorts by Wyndham educates its staff while simultaneously creating ambassadors within the staff’s communities.
  • Collaboration with the Dominican Association of Rehabilitation, a non-profit organization, that provides integral rehabilitation for people with physical and intellectual challenges.
  • Support of local hospitals, orphanages and elderly homes in the community of Bayahibe, La Romana.
  • Viva Resorts by Wyndham has sponsored multiple programs, together with INFOTEP, the training of collaborators, as well as Postgraduate Programs in local and international universities.
  • Coordination of medical activities for hotel staff.

Support of local communities

Working with and supporting local communities is fundamental because you are helping what surrounds you to develop and grow, benefiting everyone.

Viva Resorts by Wyndham provides support thru a wealth of activities:

  • Purchasing from local and responsible producers and suppliers.
  • Paving and cleansing of roads.
  • Reconstruction of schools.
  • Sponsoring local sports teams.

Viva Resorts by Wyndham's Corporate Social Responsibility