Caring and protecting the environment is an important part of Viva Wyndham Resorts’ sustainability criteria. All Environmental Management efforts are enclosed under Viva Life, as well as activities carried out at our resorts that contribute to preserving our planet and our commitment with local communities in which we conduct our tourist activities. These activities are regulated under international standards through certification companies.
SUSTAINABILITY REPORT – Viva Wyndam Dominicus Beach & Palace

We invite you to discover our Environmental Policy:

At Viva Wyndham Resorts we respect and look after the environment with preventive measures, reducing contamination and creating developments that are harmonious with nature.

Viva Life is the set of environmental and sustainability activities that take place within our hotels, including:

  • Encourage tourism service providers to adopt sustainable practices.
  • Recycle all materials that can be used again.
  • Separation and classification of waste: paper, plastic, aluminum, glass and organic waste.
  • Promote guest participation in “green” actions of reusing towels, recycling paper, towels, re-use of plastic bottles, etc.
  • Provide an in-room TV channel to inform guests of the implemented actions.
  • Inform guests and Tour Operators of our environmental policy.
  • Use lamps and electric energy saving bulbs.
  • Present our environmental program to our collaborators since their inception in the company as part of the Induction Course.
  • Promote participation of our collaborators in green activities, recycling, beach cleaning, donations and spreading our program to the community.
  • Beach cleaning with guests.
  • Training Program that aims to make environmental awareness in all employees.
  • We are committed to transmit all objectives, strategies and goals of the Sustainability Program, starting at the guest’s arrival.
  • We promote and inform about cultural, sporting and recreational activities in the surrounding communities.
  • The hotels support community development initiatives in the region, carrying out activities to achieve general wellbeing.
  • We are registered with the Code of Conduct (THECODE.ORG for Viva Maya by Wyndham and Viva Azteca by Wyndham).
  • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Viva Azteca by Wyndham has been selected among the top 100 international hotels by ITS Germany, obtaining the Red Star Award on May 2016.