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The Family Vacation Guide


The Bahamas, also known as the ‘Jewel of the Caribbean,’ is not somewhere to miss if you’re planning a vacation with kids. The destination welcomes millions of tourists from around the world every year.

People visiting The Bahamas choose this destination because they know what the city offers. The city features magnificent beaches, duty-free shops, a Caribbean climate, delicious cuisine, and much more.

But planning a family vacation can be stressful because you need to consider many things. The Bahamas offers numerous idyllic options, and it gets even trickier to plan the best destinations. We’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you make the best of your time in The Bahamas. This guide will serve as a new-found friend for you to point out things you would never notice otherwise being in The Bahamas. Let’s dive in!

5 Reasons Why The Bahamas is the Perfect Family Vacation Destination

The Bahamas is a chain of islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s on a one-hour flight from Miami and features more than 700 islands and a wealth of marine life. The Bahamas consists of two main islands which include Providence island and the island Paradise. New Providence island is the most populous area of the Bahamas and is a popular tourist destination too.

See for yourself why The Bahamas is an ideal spot to visit! Here are the top reasons to choose The Bahamas as your next family vacation spot:

Nassau Paradise Island

Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas – YouTube

Yes! Nassau Paradise Island tops the reasons to visit The Bahamas. The place is good enough to keep you and your entire family occupied for the trip. Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas and has many saucy stories. For instance, Fort Fincastle here was built to protect the area from pirates.

Besides, there are thousands of white sand beaches, restaurants specializing in delicious seafood, family-friendly resorts, and lots of fun family activities in downtown Nassau. You can also visit the Ardastra Gardens which are present in the heart of Nassau. Ardastra gardens feature a bird rescue and wildlife convention center that your family will love to explore.

Luxury Hotels

The Bahamas is packed with luxurious hotels and upscale resorts. These resorts and hotels offer world-class gourmet restaurants at affordable prices. There is no shortage of luxurious hotels that provide world-class service to the people.

The hotels feature cultured dining experiences with their local dishes and many other food choices. The Bahamian cuisine combines the spicy and tangy Caribbean taste and South American cuisine.

Diverse Aquatic Sights on Providence Island

The Bahamas is packed with beautiful crystal-clear waters that feature unique marine life. Since the waters are very clear, they are popular among scuba divers and snorkelers. Besides the beautiful marine life inside the waters, there are numerous shipwrecks that one would love to explore while in The Bahamas. In short, if you’re a sports lover, you’ll love to spend time in the waters here.

Eclectic Islands and Beaches

If stunning beaches are your weak point on a family vacation, you’ll find solace in The Bahamas. Most Bahamian beaches contain powdery pink sand that feels soft to your feet. The best thing is that most luxury resorts are constructed near these beaches, so there’s everything you can get on these beaches. There are numerous islands, including Harbour Island, Bahamas Out island, Disney’s private island, and Cruise Line’s private island, among others.

Authentic Shopping Experience

There is no shortage of shopping spots in The Bahamas. Whether you want to purchase high-quality stuff or go window shopping, you’ll find several shopping centers, malls, and markets. Some of the best tourist spots in The Bahamas have high-end outlets and souvenir shops. There are open-air markets, too, that allow you to mingle with the locals and know the Bahamian culture and local artisans.

When’s the Best Time to Visit The Bahamas With Kids?

The best time to visit The Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April. The Bahamas is good for visiting all year round, but winter is the perfect time to visit weather-wise. During winter, the daytime temperature is comfortable, around 70 to 80°F.

Winter also allows several marine species to appear during the season, such as tiger sharks and hammerheads, providing amazing sightseeing. Since this is the peak season, you must book your visit a few months earlier. Also, the prices will peak, and popular destinations will be crowded because everyone is willing to enjoy the best weather.

May and June are shoulder seasons when the temperature is higher, plus there is a chance of rain too. Most tourists avoid visiting during this season because of the rains, but the hotel prices may drop to 20 to 50% lower than in the peak seasons.

If you want to travel on a budget, fall is the cheapest season to travel to The Bahamas. While there might be increased humidity and rain, you can stretch your visit there because of the affordable prices. During this season, you’ll find the cheapest rates for accommodation, dining, and visiting various tourist spots.

What’s the Weather in The Bahamas Across the Year?

The Bahamian climate is mild as it is on the verge of tropical and subtropical regions. Though The Bahamas have a few best months to visit, it is still considered a year-round destination because of its tropical weather.

The average temperature in summer and winter remains between 75 and 84°F. Temperatures during early morning and night can drop, so it’s better to carry light jackets. The temperature is cooler in the northwest Bahamas and warmer in the Southeast. The islands are warm throughout the year, and the Gulf stream moderates the temperature.

If you plan to visit The Bahamas during summer, don’t forget to keep sunscreen and shades because it is hot and humid. Remember that it can rain, so it’s better to take rain gear along. Summers are long, warm, humid, and mostly cloudy. On the other hand, winters are also long but warm, dry, and clear.

What’s the Perfect Length of Time to Spend in The Bahamas?

Whether on a one-week trip or two, you won’t be able to explore all the 700 islands and 2500 cays. That said, even four days are enough to enjoy the colonial city! But when time is constrained, you must look for only the best spots to visit in The Bahamas. The perfect length of time to spend in The Bahamas is 7 days. The following is the plan for 7-days in The Bahamas:

  • Day 1: Palm Cay Marina, Nassau
  • Day 2: Nassau Aquaventure
  • Day 3: Junkanoo Beach
  • Day 3: George Town, Exuma
  • Day 4: Pig island
  • Day 5: Rose island at New Providence island
  • Day 6: Atlantis Paradise Island
  • Day 7: Back to Nassau beaches

To do it all in 7-days, you can use speed boats, mail boats, and even scheduled flights if you don’t want to miss any great spots. If you have two weeks to visit, you can cover many more islands and cays, including Sandals island, treasure cay, Grand Bahama Island, Green turtle cay, Hope town, and Southern Abaco.

The Best Things to do with Kids in The Bahamas

The Bahamas offers multiple family attractions and family-friendly spots. There are several young explorer camps, kids’ clubs, water slides, aquariums, museums, and numerous activities for children to enjoy on this island. Whether you want your kids to learn more about the marine life, do island hopping, or play games, here are the best places that you must go with kids when you’re in The Bahamas:

Learn About Pirates (Nassau Museum)

Pirates of Nassau Museum is located in the Old Town and is a great place to be with kids. The museum showcases the legacy of the pirates in The Bahamas. It has full-sized statues of pirates named Blackbeard, Captain Rogers, and others. Besides, there is a flag room with all the flags the pirates used to signal each other. Your kids will love to learn about the history and the rich culture of The Bahamas here.

Go for an Aquaventure (Paradise Island)

Aquaventure is just a short ride from the Nassau museum and is located on Paradise island. It is a water park and has a Disney-like setup. The best spots to enjoy here include water slides and the fantasy area designed to mimic the lost city of Atlantis. The most exciting part of this adventure is the ride through an underwater tunnel with sharks.

Visit the Dolphin Cay

The dolphin cay is a huge marine mammal habitat located at Paradise island. It offers amazing sightseeing of beautiful marine animals. Here you and your kids can swim with dolphins and sea lions. The area was built to provide shelter to the habitat that was destroyed due to the hurricane. There are other fun-filled activities like kayaking and paddle-boarding, which kids will love to do.

Blue Lagoon Island

The Blue Lagoon island features several activities for kids of all ages. The island is only half an hour’s ride away from Nassau, Bahamas. The place is perfect for relaxing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, or biking around. If you are ready to pay an additional fee, go for a Segway Safari or Eco-nature walking tour to explore more areas on the island.

Marine Habitat at Atlantis

Atlantis resort is one of the best resorts in Nassau Paradise island. The place features marine sanctuaries, water parks, and other interesting public places. There are more than 50,000 sea creatures in Atlantis, and you might encounter a huge manta ray or a shark while you’re on your way to a water park or pool. If you get a day pass to visit the place, you can also check out Dolphin Cay during this trip.

Swim with Nurse Sharks or Pigs

You can also take your kids along to swim with the nurse sharks. These sharks are present in Compass Cay, located in the Exuma district. If you’re staying in Exuma, you can also go swimming with pigs. Swimming pigs are found on various islands, but the best way to see them is by going to Pig beach. Plus, you’ll find pigs roaming freely around in the Big Major Cay in the Exumas.

Visit Junkanoo Beach on Grand Bahama Island

Junkanoo beach is best for watersports and kayaking. You can benefit from the water sports package and have fun with kids all day long. This place is also near the cruise port and is easy to access.

The Best Family Hotels & Resorts in The Bahamas

Like The Bahamas offers several islands to choose from, it is packed with dozens of family-friendly high-end resorts and hotels. Whether traveling on a budget or looking for luxurious resorts to spend your time in the Bahamas, there’s something for everyone.

Most family hotels and resorts are packed with family-friendly amenities and all-inclusive packages. Have a look at these top family-friendly accommodations:

The Ocean Club

The Ocean Club is A Four Seasons Resort that offers many amenities and family-friendly features. It is a two-story building with small villas and cottages with ocean-facing terraces. The resort is just a short ride away from Atlantis and has a golf course next to it. Onsite amenities include gum, a celebrity chef’s restaurant, a golf course, three swimming pools, and a Balinese-style spa.

The Royal at Atlantis

The Royal is a famous pink resort located on Paradise island. The resort is perfect if you’re looking forward to full access to Aquaventure. It features 11 pools, large rooms, a casino, nightclubs, bars, a lazy river, restaurants, and more. The spacious rooms feature simple Caribbean decor, including mini-bars, flat-screen TVs, coffee-makers, and iPod docks. The Royal is more affordable than the Ocean club and is one of the best family trip options.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is a luxurious, family-friendly resort at New Providence island cable beach. It features an Explorer club, allowing kids between 3 and 12 to enjoy several kids-friendly activities. Besides these, there is a swimming pool, spa, gym, and restaurant. The resort also features an aviary with a Flamingo habitat. There is a beach sanctuary, too, that includes numerous species of fish and sea turtles. The rooms contain features and onsite amenities such as washers and full kitchens.

Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach

The Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach is an all-inclusive beach resort on Grand Bahama island. You can access the resort through a scheduled flight or a ferry. Spread over 26 acres; the resort features an ocean-view pool, fitness center, kids’ club, tennis courts, onsite entertainment, games room, and natural wildlife. The best thing about this resort is that children under 17 can eat and stay for free with an adult.

La Bougainvillea

La Bougainvillea is a family resort located in the Grand Harbour area. Amenities offered by this resort include direct beach access, a swimming pool, massage services, and yoga classes. The main villa has multiple rooms, and you can book an entire villa if you have a large family. You can also take your pet along to this resort as it’s pet friendly. The restaurant here is famous for its food, especially the Friday night fish fry.

What’s the Average Cost of a Hotel in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a top-favorite tourist spot, and the prices of hotels are high during the peak seasons. The average cost of a hotel in The Bahamas for one night is $281, based on data from 93 hotels, and the median price is $228. The average hotel cost for one week in The Bahamas is $1,966, excluding taxes and fees.

The cost of a hotel depends largely on the inclusive perks, amenities, and facilities provided. The average cost of cheap hotels for one night is $137, so if you’re planning to save, you can consider these too. On the other hand, the most expensive ones can go as high as $1000+ per night.

The Best Places to Eat with Kids in The Bahamas

Nassau Paradise Island has dozens of the best places to eat with kids. These eateries offer delicious food, play areas for kids, family-friendly amenities, and stunning ambiance. With kids, eating out at most restaurants is difficult, especially if you have cranky toddlers. Luckily, The Bahamas offers plenty of family-friendly places to eat. Have a look at the top places that your kids will love to eat at:

Graycliff Chocolatier

Graycliff Chocolatier is in the Graycliff Hotel and is one of the best places to visit, especially if your kids love sweet treats. Though the Graycliff Hotel has many spots meant for adults only, the Chocolatier is an ideal and fun-filled place to explore with kids. Your kids will enjoy seeing how chocolate is made; the best part is they can make their own chocolates.

Marina Pizzeria

Marina Pizzeria is a quick and ideal spot to stop when you’re too occupied with lots of things on Nassau Paradise island. You can choose from various traditional pizzas with your kids’ favorite toppings. Whether you’re craving a full meal or something portable while traveling, you’ll get everything here. Plus, you can also order appetizers, fresh salads, and desserts here.

The Village Burger Shack

Kids love burgers, and if you’re in Nassau, the best place to try is The Village Burger Shack. It offers a family-friendly and casual dining experience. The restaurant offers gourmet burgers, tasty shakes, fresh seafood, delicious beverages, and veg-friendly meals. There is an additional seating arrangement, too, and you and your kids can enjoy the Marina village boardwalk while your order is being processed.

Anthony’s Grill

Anthony’s Grill is located at Atlantis resort and has a good shopping area nearby. They offer a kid’s menu with lots of options to choose from. The restaurant offers casual meals and a peaceful atmosphere to relax. Plus, you can get large servings of meals at affordable prices. The best thing is that the restaurant is within walking distance of all the major resorts and sandy beaches on the island.

El Jefe

If you and your kids love Mexican food, you must try El Jefe. It offers authentic Mexican food, including tacos, open-faced corn tortillas, salsa, and sopas. Located at Baha Mar, El Jefe is a hot pink Airstream eatery that offers quick meals that your kids will love. You can stop by with kids to enjoy chips and salsa or guacamole or take it along to eat while your feet are in the seawater.

The Best Day Trips from The Bahamas That the Whole Family Will Love

Tourists from around the world come especially to enjoy the tropical climate in the Bahamas. However, if you have explored all the popular destinations and are willing to take a break from hustle and bustle, you can consider visiting the neighborhoods. These are the best day trips from The Bahamas that your family will love:

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and soft sand. It is 5.6 kilometers away from western Nassau and is located on New Providence island. The beach offers a perfect escape from Nassau as it offers beautiful beachfront establishments, clear waters, calm breezes, and more. The place is good for swimming all year round as the water is always warm. The beach features restaurants and numerous amenities, including water sports rental equipment.

Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is a small island located 48 miles from Nassau. To reach there, you can use ferries from Nassau that will take you there in 10 minutes. Being in Spanish Wells, you can book a harbor safari to enjoy the swimming pigs and turtles. You can also snorkel a shipwreck or go cliff diving. If you’re already tired of the overcrowded places in Nassau, you can find peace and privacy here. The place is known for its beauty and numerous activities that you and your family will love.


Eleuthera is located 60 miles from Nassau and is a very sparsely populated island near Providence island. Since it’s too long, its length allows it to have more stunning white sand beaches with lots of things to explore. The settlements on this island include small communities and beautiful little buildings. The place is packed with lush green landscapes and the soft pink and white sand ideal for strolling at the beach. If you’re looking forward to a day trip from Nassau, this is an excellent place to be.


Inagua island is known for its wildlife, especially its feathered inhabitants. The island is also known as the bird-watching capital of the Bahamas. Most of the island area is occupied by the Inagua National Park, which contains flamingoes, parrots, and pelicans. The place is divided into great Inagua island and little Inagua island, out of which the great Inagua features the bird sanctuary.


Bimini is the best place if you’re a wilderness lover looking for an escape from Nassau. This place is also known as the sports fishing capital of the Bahamas. Being in Bimini, you can enjoy the Bimini Bull Run, the Fabled Fountain of Youth, the wreckage of the SS Sapona, the Tuna Alley, and the Rainbow Reef. You and your family will love snorkeling, diving with sharks, or having a peaceful time at the resort.

How to Get Around The Bahamas During Your Vacation

If you’re staying in one of the best resorts in The Bahamas, you won’t feel like going elsewhere. With the foods, drinks, games, sports, and family-friendly activities, you’ll get everything at Paradise island.

But to make the most of your trip, you should head out. Getting around the Bahamas is different from other cities, especially if you plan to visit the interconnected islands. The following are the best modes to get around the Bahamas during your family vacations:

By Plane

Yes, you read it right! The best way to get around The Bahamas is by plane. You can visit all the popular islands by plane as it is the safest and fastest traveling method. These planes are small ones with only one row so make sure you don’t take lots of stuff on board. You can choose from domestic airlines that provide inter-island services.

By Boat

If you prefer a more fun way to travel around The Bahamas, use ferries, boats, and water taxis. A few islands, such as Harbour island, are only accessible by ferries. Ferries and boats leave from Nassau daily in the morning and return by evening. Being in New Providence island, you can use ferries and boats to travel around. You can take a charter boat to get around Providence island.

By Car

Renting a car is very helpful if you’re going to explore more of the city. Driving in The Bahamas is difficult, so taxis or car rentals are the best options. The city is packed with narrow streets and one-way roads; thus, there is immense traffic, especially during the peak seasons.

By Shuttle Bus

Public buses such as Jitney offer an affordable means of transport. However, shuttle buses or Jitney can be a difficult option if you visit particular destinations. The public buses don’t have a set timetable, and getting on them and stopping might be a hurdle for those with families.

The Best Ways to Get to The Bahamas for Your Vacation

Getting to The Bahamas is easy as it can be accessed by air and sea. The city welcomes private planes, commercial flights, cruise ships, ferries, and more. There are multiple and frequent flights from Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale to The Bahamas. However, the place is not accessible by road, and hence no bus or rail service is available. The following are the two main ways to reach The Bahamas:

By Air

The international airport at Nassau is the main airport that connects The Bahamas to the rest of the world. Most of the flights arrive at this airport and then connect to other flights to reach other destination islands. You can hire a cab or taxi or rent a car outside the airport. Besides, some hotels also provide shuttle service to receive their guests from the airport. Besides, Marsh Island Airport and Treasure Cay Airport cater to domestic and international flights.

By Water

Another way to reach The Bahamas is by water. Nassau is the busiest cruise ship port, with frequent ship arrivals, especially from Florida. There are endless options when it comes to traveling by water; there are private marinas and government boats that you can use. Two-weekly services by mail and boat allow you to reach Freeport from Nassau. Yacht services are subject to immigration and customs charges and documentation.

5 Top Tips for Staying Safe in The Bahamas When Visiting with Kids

Many stories about The Bahamas might make you think about safety tips, especially when you’re traveling with family. While most islands are safe and family-friendly, a few have security concerns that every traveler must consider. The safest places to visit are Exuma, Abacos, and Cat island. However, there are a few places that you must avoid when traveling with family. The following are the top 3 safety tips for visiting the Bahamas:

Avoid Unsafe Neighborhoods

Grand Bahama and the New Province island are known for crimes, but not all islands of these areas are unsafe. If you’re in Nassau, you must avoid the Over-the-hill area, Sand Trap area, and Freeport in Grand Bahama.

Drive on the Left Side

If you’re renting a car and driving yourself, you must understand the rules and follow the road safety tips for driving in The Bahamas. In The Bahamas, you must drive on the left side. Plus, most drivers are aggressive there, so you should always be alert.

Don’t Travel at Night

To be safe in The Bahamas, you must not travel to remote areas at night. Most of the crimes happen at night especially if the tourists travel alone to remote areas. Plus, never provoke strangers and try to travel in groups.

Always Take Cash Along

Being in The Bahamas, you must always take cash every time you go out to explore something. On islands and remote areas, you’ll need cash to pay for services and to receive medical treatment.

Travel Insurance

Make sure you get travel insurance before going to the Bahamas. The travel insurance includes coverage for hospital stays and medical evacuation.

Wrap Up!